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      Contact us

      Add of head office: Dongdai Wharf, Zhang’An Street, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
      Sales Tel: +86-576-88786686/89020081
      Purchase Dept.: +86-576-88786567/88781912
      Personnel Dept.: +86-576-88786543
      Fax: +86-576-88786538

      Quality Certification

      July 2009 Simvastatin European Union CEP Certificate
      November 2010 Simvastatin domestic drug registration approval document
      Chinese Simvastatin GMP Certificate
      Registration Certificate for Simvastatin, India
      February 2012 Simvastatin Korea Registration Certificate
      June 2013 Certificate of export of simvastatin bulk drugs to the European Union
      July 2013 Simvastatin (including BHA) EU CEP certificate
      August 2014 Simvastatin and simvastatin Ammonium salts are checked by the FDA
      July 2015 Simvastatin Germany GMP certificate
      June 2016 Certificate of Registration for Simvastatin in Russia

      May 2013 Leviracetam Korean Certificate of Registration
      2013 June Levetiracetam EU CEP certificate
      July 2013 Leviracetam Chinese exports to the EU raw material drug documents
      September 2014 Levetiracetam Taiwan registration approval

      May 2015 Atorvastatin calcium Taiwan registration approval
      May 2016 Atorvastatin calcium EU CEP certificate